Drilling of wells for small, medium and large depth

Execution rigs drilled with the latest equipment, certified EEC : Beretta T57 GEO; Atlas Copco MUSTANG; FA12, to capture the aquifer small, medium and deep, involves the following things:  
  • Mobilization – demobilization of drilling rigs, tools and equipment specific drilling activity;
  • Digging in hydraulic bentonite mud drilling with direct or reverse circulation
  • Geological mapping evidence to establish intervals porous – permeable sections and mounting filters ;
  • The fitting column – PVC tube well (certified professionals and technical approvals), fitted with PVC filters, near the sandy aquifer horizons captured;
  • Making a pearl gravel columns (quartz) in the annular space between the borehole wall and column operating;
  • Isolation higher polluting aquifers or risk of pollution by cementing;
  • Mammoth sand trap type of plant and pumping the experimental regimen balance;
  • Determining parameters (Hidrostatic level – NH and Hydrodynamics level – NHd);
  • Taking water samples for specific analyzes (flow, potability);