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Zeolite Decontamination; Treatment; Wastewater treatment
  It is the perfect product for improving drinking water quality!

A proven solution to be effective and cheap for waste and water treatment, zeolite become increasingly used to ensure the best possible drinking water or communities to prevent discharges of pollutants in groundwater.. Studies indicate a good capacity to absorb pollutants.

Mode of Delivery
Is pre packed in 25 kg bags and big bags of approx. 1000 Kg

The product requires no moisture and storage conditions without sun exposure. Packing bags prevents the absorption of water vapor in an environment with normal moisture, but not waterproof.

Uses of the product for treating and purifying water
Improving the quality of drinking water by:
  • reduce the concentration of iron, manganese and ammonium;
  • reducing the organic load in the water, in particular chlorinated organic compounds, up to 73%;
  • water softeners ;
  • removing phosphates up to 70% .
  • Whether water has been contaminated or cross the rocks temporarily loaded with such substances, drinking water quality can be radically improved and brought in to ensure optimum population health using filtering systems based on zeolites. Wastewater before Discharges in groundwater Removing contaminants from water used in various processes is generally a problem that requires significant investment. One of the solutions adopted in the last decade of factories around the world is the use of zeolites as a decontamination agent. Why?
    Implementation costs and the costs of acquiring active agent, zeolite, are much lower than other solutions:

  • By absorption efficiency and ion exchange requires a much smaller amount of zeolite than other active substances such as quartz
  • Due to longer durations of use than other active substances
  • Effective water treatment is very high for a broad spectrum of pollutants mentioning here: Cations lead, copper, cadmium, zinc, manganese, iron, phosphorus, hydrocarbons, Toxic chlorinated organic compounds, polar chlorinated compounds such as benzene, toluene, xylene, Oxanioni, heavy metals, toxic ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

    Decontamination of radioactive water
    It is well known already, the use of zeolites in water decontamination area Fukusima nuclear power plant, and this is just one example of the many situations where this ore has been successfully used in decontamination of radioactive water. The zeolite is effective in the absorption of water, the type of radioactive isotopes 134Cs + 137Cs + 90Sr2 +, TH4 +, U6 + If Cesi, saturated zeolite can be stored safely and possibly used for its chemical recovery. Research has shown a good ability to absorb radionuclides and selective ion exchange zeolite as if volcanic tufa and its resistance to radiation.

    More efficient use of water treatment product:

  • In the case of farms, the water used for removing the manure from the animals may be decontaminated by passage through a filtration zone with the zeolite;
  • If ponds or fish farms, water quality is significantly improved by using layers of zeolite;
  • In domestic water filters, zeolite can provide a better quality of tap water.
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    One of the Finest of our important partners in the field.
    One of the Finest of our important partners in the field.
    One of the Finest of our important partners in the field.
    One of the Finest of our important partners in the field.
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